10 Famous People (Now and in History) You May not have Known Were Queer

Although the LGBTQIA+ population is a small minority of all of humanity and has faced countless setbacks and holdups to stop them from succeeding in life, there are many examples of the alphabet squad pushing past those limits and succeeding greatly. There’s famous people that are well known to be queer, such as Freddie Mercury, but there is also a lot of people that you may not have realized are queer! So sit back and relax and waste your time as you make some character discoveries about some of the most influential people to exist!

This was originally planned to have commentary after each person, but I’m so overworked right now I couldn’t manage even a semblance of the brainpower even just to copy + paste (not that I would, I just couldn’t with my current energy levels). Sorry for that! But hopefully this gives you a good opportunity to look up some people and learn some cool facts!

The charity for this post is the Pride Foundation, a charity devoted to building a better and more equitable world for LGBTQIA+ people in the Northwest!