helping to keep the pigs cool on a hot summer day

a real puffin trying to mimic and fit in with a fake puffin on the east coast

it’s never too late to chase your dreams

looks like apples are off the menu for anti-vaxxers!

this man is not okay

You know you’re an elder millenial if…

luigi is the queen in mario chess because he’s the nicest character and you always have to protect the nicest

a horse with a horn or a leopard moose camel, what’s more realistic?

dramatic reading by 5 year old

the moment your realize you might be a mouse

pulled a complete 360

put me back in 4th grade and I’ll show you how gifted i still am!

the kinds of gifts that writers don’t approve of

the loop continues with no end in sight, only more over-analyzing

the muse and his portrait

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