10 Funny Cat Memes to Knead into your Heart (+ Ember Tax)

Cats make the internet go ’round. Whether it’s funny cat videos, funny cat pictures, or even cats being cute – we all belong to them, here. While some people prefer dogs over cats (and that’s…tolerable…), the reality is that there is nothing quite like the spectacular stupidity these stupendous sass-balls give. While generally independent, these creatures are liable to constantly entertain you, especially when they go crazy with the zoomies. So we’re all here today to pay our tithes in time and respect to our feline overlords! Enjoy wasting your time with these funny cat memes, and enjoy Ember enjoying the new house 🙂

Ember Tax

^this is her first time living in a place with stairs. She’s been going crazy! Running up and down them, and playing fetch with us while wanting us to throw the ball up/down the stairs.