10 Funny Cat Memes to Worship (+ Ember Tax!)

Ah, my first meme list since my break, nonetheless the first time I’m free from a covid-addled brain. What better way to celebrate than with cat memes? Truth be told, I’ve been so out of it, the last couple days of memes could be repeats, nonetheless there could be a cat meme list that was out earlier. If that’s the case I apologize, but honestly everything’s a fog lol. I figured I’d start with a funny cat pic list though, for two reasons: 1; cats are awesome and I always want to do cat lists, and 2; Ember got spayed yesterday (as of my writing this) and she needs the extra love as she recovers! I hope y’all had a good Holiday season and start to your new year, but I really hope you enjoy wasting your time to these funny cat memes!

Ember Tax