10 Iowa Memes that are only Partially Corny

Get your Iowa Ham Balls ready as we go to enter the land of the corn and the smell of the country! A state where hogs outnumber the human population 4 to 1 (7 to 1 in 2013!), the State where Slipknot came from, and the State flower is actually three different flowers. The future home to Captain Kirk with the world’s largest wooden nickel and a town on an island (despite being a landlocked State) is often picked on for its corn and farming, but it has exceptionally amazingly rich soil that leans itself to such uses! So while this State may find itself the butt of some jokes, just remember it has its own flavor and culture just like any other State! Have fun wasting your time with these Iowa memes that IWSMT is planting in your brain 😀