10 of Guy’s Fave Memes, Because You Asked

Thanks to community member “trashflesh” for the idea! I’ll talk in first person for this – I’ve seen a lot of memes in my life, especially since taking up the helm of IWSMT. I don’t remember most of them, but I know that I’ve been thoroughly entertained by them. I couldn’t think of any specifics for this list as far as a genuine meme you’d send to your friends, so I came up with 10 of the formats I really like or remember. For all I know, next week I’ll remember one I like more, but that’s okay. So I made some meta-humor/IWSMT/Guy-related memes using those formats! Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy wasting your time with this knowledge.

Look, I do genuinely make a bunch of the memes that end up on the site. But naturally I wouldn’t be able to sustain the posting cadence if it was all me! This is one of my fave reaction memes and it also is a great source of memes itself.

Oh, to have an entire team of at least 20 people being paid full-time to find/create memes and meme lists – but I digress. As a sucker for Star Wars, it already is a plus, but I like the way this format works and the funny things that have come from it.

It’s a great feeling for a meme to go viral but like, if it was on IWSMT social pages or this website, that’d be great. It’s happened too many times lol. But Bad Luck Brian was my fave meme when internet memes started surging in the late 00’s, and will always hold a place in my heart.

I just really like this meme. Something about it being Bernie and the sheer uses it has, I’ll hold onto it forever.

This meme is great for commentary, roasting, etc., it’s just great. And the variations from one button, pressing both buttons, etc…. it’s just amazing. Also, this is a very real dilemma.

Trade offer is a newer meme format but it has a broad amount of functionality and it’s fun! I really liked the Trojan Horse one I posted here a bit ago.

Stonks, or its variations, usually get me. I’m a sucker for taking a word and making it sound stupid, which is what this meme excels at. I know it’s not the most liked, but fuck if it’s not one of my weak spots.

Also a great format with lots of uses.

Whether it is about getting paid or whatever you replace the punchline with, this is also one of my fave formats. Good movie, too.

The confused math meme format and its spin-offs are great, both in reaction to something or as a meme itself.