User submission round-up to waste time with as you head into the weekend!


IWSMT would be nothing without our users (literally), which is why just a few weeks ago, I brought back the user submission function. Since then I’ve been flooded with submissions and haven’t been able to feature them all. There’s no better way to show off the talents of you all then with a round-up of the best memes from the base. Enjoy what your fellow time wasters have submitted, and make sure to submit your own genius memes to get featured on the site!

Actual ad from a gun company – u/B

Smion – u/ThatOneKidMicah

mmmm… – u/drink you milk

Tasty treats for Halloween – u/frank

Amateur Move – u/ThatOneKidMicah

Colorado Rocky Mountain High – u/Sir Reg

coffee – u/naahhhh

New York Times knows how to grab your attention – u/Curry_pants5643

This close to losing it – u/Jay

Waiting for handouts – u/@luis_izad