10 Tweets and memes about parenting that will remind you kids aren’t for everyone

tweet from a dad calling his kids demons
complaining about kid going to the bathroom

Parenting can be tough, but thanks to Twitter, parents know they’re not alone in their struggles. While someone on the outside looking in might be shocked to see a parent compare their kids to demons, those in the know hit the heart and retweet icons without a second thought. Always remember, just because someone calls their kid the worst name you’ve ever heard, it doesn’t mean they don’t love them all the same. Here are the best tweets and memes from parents that prove having kids is just as special and it is stressful!

a line of baby vomit on the back of a dress
kid wants peas on the plate but not touching the pasta
a tweet about kids and dogs
tweet about a child who wanted ice cream not yogurt
tweet from a dad calling his kids demons
toddler for sale joke