11 Funny X-Men Memes to Cure You

Especially with the decade-long success of the MCU, super heroes have exploded in popularity dramatically. This has given birth to loads of funny Marvel memes or funny superhero memes, but one group that seems to miss out on the love specifically are the X-Men! A large cast of characters with a variety of powers, both villains and heroes, and a complex societal critique on treating people like people – the X-Men have had lots of time to saturate into the hero market. From the popular trilogy of movies that released in the early 00’s to movies that have released afterwards with a broad range of critiques and acceptance, the IP hasn’t been handled as well as some others. But at the end of the day, there are still some iconic characters that you probably know! So IWSMT decided it’d be a great use of wasted time to bring you some funny XMen memes!