A Series of Memes that are Kinda Gay

These memes are a bit fruity – a bit alphabet squad-y, if you would. And that’s totally fine! Chances are that even if you’re not queer, you’ll find enjoyment in these funny memes! There’s also some wholesome in this post too, so there’s something for everyone! There’s also a bonus meme in the comments since video embedding is very particular, and apparently imgur doesn’t have a built-in embed generator, so enjoy that! For the straights and the cis or the queer and those under the trans umbrella, have fun with these memes that are kinda gay!

The charity of this post is Family EqualityAn organization that has spent more than 40 years to get everyone the freedom to find, form, and sustain families. As of this post, they are currently suing for the freedoms of LGBTQIA+ families in Florida 🙂