Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Give you Good Vibes (Jan 20)

Another week, another Saturday, another weekly Wholesome Memes post! This collection of wholesome videos & wholesome stories is here to lift your spirits at the end of another week and help you acquire those good positive vibes. From kids being adorable to cats getting through the worst of it, this wholesome meme list is sure to tug at your heartstrings! So whether or not you’ve had a good week or a bad one, let this meme list act as a palate cleanser as you continue moving forward through time! And as always, enjoy wasting your time with these awesome wholesome memes that’ll maybe put a smile on your face!

What a moment, his dad was so proud 😭 byu/Soloflow786 inMadeMeSmile

True Love byu/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U inMadeMeSmile

“He’s hugging my arm” 😭 byu/Soloflow786 inMadeMeSmile

So wholesome byu/Rascalian03 inMadeMeSmile

Let the world see it byu/King_Pee inMadeMeSmile

Love the way the dad celebrates at the end!!!

Cinnamon byu/King_Pee inMadeMeSmile

These kids are so pure byu/Midnight-Opposite inMadeMeSmile