Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Have Heart With (Oct 21)

Welcome to this week’s edition of your weekly dose of wholesome! The time has come for the week to end and to begin to rest and reset for the next. So what better way to mark that than to spend some time with some wholesome memes and wholesome videos? This week’s list is video-heavy, so make sure that you’ve disabled any plugins that may interfere with the embedded reddit videos. Whether it’s about self-love and acceptance, funny family members, or just the wonders of the world, this list has it all! So get ready to waste your time with these wholesome memes!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder byu/Silent_Assasin14 inMadeMeSmile

Adorable pups happiness when it sees its owner through the window byu/alanboston inMadeMeSmile

An Englishman in New York. (Sorry Americans) byu/mindyour inMadeMeSmile

Dude became Jesus for a second and inspired her. byu/supermanistaken inMadeMeSmile

Let your inner child win sometimes

Dad’s Here byu/IkilledRichieWhelan inMadeMeSmile

Steve Irwin’s son, Robert Irwin, becomes the first person to breed and hatch a turtle species his Dad discovered. Takes it out for its first swim. byu/Two_Inches_Of_Fun inMadeMeSmile

Husband Proposes Every Week To Wife of 45 Years, That Has Alzheimer’s byu/RevolutionaryTell668 inMadeMeSmile