Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Help You Bloom (Mar 30)

Welcome all to a new Saturday, and a new wholesome meme list for your enjoyment! The tough days of the week are behind us, and a new week starts tomorrow! Hopefully it’s better than this one, even if this week was already good for you! Remember that your smile looks great on you, and even if things are tough now, or even for the next year – they won’t always be! Let these videos of kids being adorable, grandparents being cute, and people making lasting memories fill your heart and soul with goodness! Oh, and while you’re doing that, pay no attention to the fact that you’re wasting your time with these wholesome memes and wholesome videos!

Just a guy and his weird dog byu/Delicious-Let8429 inMadeMeSmile

Day laborers byu/comandante-marcos inMadeMeSmile

His daughter personalised his sat nav. byu/mindyour inMadeMeSmile

This reporter getting interrupted by his mother. byu/ash_jisasa inMadeMeSmile

the grandparents of then 18 year old kyle chalmers watching him win gold at the rio 2016 100m freestyle byu/bewarethechameleon inMadeMeSmile

Getting Pizza Hut byu/Hypnoidz inMadeMeSmile

^Reminder that while even I love self-deprecating humor, that it can actually effect you negatively! Remember to compliment yourself too.

Golden Retriever Visiting The Passengers On A Train byu/RevolutionaryTell668 inMadeMeSmile

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