Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Make you Feel Good (Mar 9)

Saturday is here and so is your weekly dose of wholesome memes, wholesome videos, and wholesome stories! Even if your day today is busy, feel free to give yourself a bit of a break and indulge in some sweet feelings. From beating cancer, cute dogs, cute couples, and familial love, this list is sure to make you feel good inside! Well the world is still full of craziness, anger, unfairness, and more, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t good, too. Remember that wherever you are today, tomorrow is a different day! So without further ado, enjoy wasting your time with these wholesome vibes!

I’m a Disney princess, keep it together byu/Sufficient-Bug-9112 inMadeMeSmile

❤️ byu/AyuuOnReddit inMadeMeSmile

True magic byu/Grizzly-Berry inMadeMeSmile

“But we sell to farmers” byu/cute_as_ducks_24 inMadeMeSmile

Little girl showing her prosthetic leg to her classmates at school byu/Delicious-Let8429 inMadeMeSmile

Father’s reaction to daughter’s bridal look byu/Sad-Lengthiness3158 inMadeMeSmile

(the dad’s sherwani looks super sharp, too)

A young woman with cancer recorded her recovery process and the amazing result byu/kempaaa28 inMadeMeSmile