Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Brighten your Spirits (Oct 28)

Welcome to another Weekly Dose of Wholesome, the part of the week where we…provide you with your weekly dose of wholesome. As life moves forward, sometimes we feel left behind, and other times we feel ahead. Regardless of where you are on that spectrum of feeling, this little post should move you a bit more to feeling ahead! From animals being cute in a flower, dads being great dads, or just overall good vibes, this list will sure to get the feels out. And that’s good! We need more feels. So get your box of tissues ready as you’re about to spend some time looking at some wholesome things!

Notice that Reddit changed how they embed things, and there’s no Embed link anymore. Just sharing the Reddit link. So if a video didn’t load, you may just have to click the link.

Two brothers who experienced so many historical events were able to say a precious final goodbye with the help of hospital staff in a touching moment 🥺♥️ byu/Soloflow786 inMadeMeSmile

an uncle and nephew growing up together byu/bewarethechameleon inMadeMeSmile

“They say it so nicely” byu/ritzanddazzle inMadeMeSmile

A woman who worked as an housekeeper for 30 years to sponsor her son’s education to become a Pilot breaks down when she flew in his plane. byu/One_percentile inMadeMeSmile

^This lady reminds me (Guy) a lot of my own mom. Worked as a housekeeper raising two boys while going back to finish Highschool as an adult, then a Diploma, an Undergrad, and a Masters. All well supporting us the best she could. Champion among champions.

Snoop Dogg, Giving Autographs In Japanese byu/RunKind4141 inMadeMeSmile

connection is like a magic byu/supermanistaken inMadeMeSmile

11-yr old kid’s wedding speech byu/No-Reputation-4869 inMadeMeSmile