Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Feel Comfy (Apr 6)

Welcome to another Saturday, another hallmark of the weekend, and another chance to rest! The week is over and done, and all the trial and tribulations alongside it. While things may have been hard or easy, the main thing is that you’re still here! That means there’s a million billion chances for life to get better, and for you to see the beauty that’s out there! This week’s edition has a lot of cute dogs and wholesomeness to lift your spirits. So get ready to keep on living and loving life! As always, enjoy wasting your time with these cute and wholesome memes and have a great weekend!

They way he’s imprinting his human byu/Sufficient-Bug-9112 inMadeMeSmile

He had one last dream byu/Skywalker_047 inMadeMeSmile

The reactions made me smile byu/That_Is_Bryce inMadeMeSmile

Father takes photo of his daughter every week until she turns 17. byu/No_Cranberry_8363 inMadeMeSmile

Making a friend at the party byu/Hypnoidz inMadeMeSmile

Dude’s heart skipping a beat when he sees his wife ❤️ byu/Sming7177 inMadeMeSmile

The incredible moment a long lost dog suddenly catches the smell of its owner in a crowded city square. It follows the smell and finds her in nearby resting booth to be reunited! byu/Stoikx inMadeMeSmile