10 Funny Cat Memes to Claw Into Your Heart (+ Ember Tax & Merch Sneak Peek)

There are lots of animals in the world, believe it or not. Not only just in numbers of creatures themselves, but the numbers of types of creatures, too! And none of them come close to the amount of attention and silliness on the internet as cats. Big cats, small cats, striped cats, splotchy cats – all of them find home on the internet. With funny cat videos, funny cat pics, and just in general cat zaniness, these guys have been an infinite source of entertainment online for a while! So what better way to celebrate that than by wasting your time with these funny cat memes?

Ember Tax + Merch Sneak Peek

I’ve been hard at work doing some designs and stuff for merch, and there were a couple requests for Ember-related things, so boom! I promise the two I’ve made so far are so incredibly adorable and I’ve had friends already ask for stickers of them!