10 Funny Deer Memes to Be Caught in Headlights (+ Bonus Meme)

Thanks to community member “U(^.^)U” for the meme list suggestion! We’ve done a bunch of different animal-themed lists before, but to my memory, this is the first deer meme list! And much to my surprise, there was more than just “oh deer” memes, which I was super stoked to see! These four-legged friends are generally shy and hard to come close to, but are always seen as graceful forest creatures we love and enjoy. Some people hunt them, some people enjoy them from pictures like these – but in the end, deer enjoyment is universal! So get ready to waste your time with these funny deer memes!

And the “bonus meme” because I really wanted to include this video but already had 10 memes I was satisfied with:

Deer tries to hit skateboarder. byu/jorgj9602 inWTF