10 Funny Flat Earth Memes for All of you Around the Globe

The world is full of many theories in how to understand it, what happens after death, and the picture of where we actually are in the universe. This study of, well…everything, has been going on pretty much as long as humanity has been a thing. Now, you’re bound to have a few people in denial or outspoken against pretty much any opinion or theory, but a randomly growing skeptical movement has gained internet notoriety: flat earthers. These people believe the Earth to be flat rather than something resembling a sphere, and commonly believe that gravity is fake and a bunch of other interesting things. Oddly enough, it seems they’re willing to admit other planets are round, though. But because this conspiracy theory is pretty outrageous and has to deny a lot of things, it gets heavily memed on. Which is perfect, since it gives us a chance to waste some time! So get ready to waste your time with these funny flat earther memes that are flat-out comedical!