10 Funny Renting Memes we’ve Housed for you

One of the basic needs of creatures is shelter. As humans, we’ve spent thousands of years mastering the earth and its resources to make continuously technical homes and buildings. Generally, living spaces fill one of two voids: purchased and rented. With costs of houses skyrocketing beyond any reason, and renters charging exorbitant amounts as well, the affordability of homes is at an all-time low, which isn’t a good thing. With this, landlords and others that are well-off keep purchasing the homes, raising the prices of them while turning them around to rent, and the cycle continues. Apartment life can be good or bad, depending on location and landlord primarily. But these memes are devoted to the renting life, whether in an apartment complex or in a home! So take some time to weep over the current housing market and waste your time with these funny apartment life memes!