Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Relax You (Dec 2)

Every Saturday at noon EST, IWSMT is happy to provide you with what I call a “Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes”, a solid pick-me-up whether you need it or not! This week’s wholesome moments come from all different origins, whether it’s cute couples being adorable years after they’ve been together, animals being cute, and students cheering for their teachers! As we enter December and the hecticness of the Holidays comes to fruition, hopefully this list full of wholesome pics and wholesome videos helps ease you a bit! Consider getting yourself some hot chocolate as you waste your time with these great wholesome memes!

Memories are better than money. Presence is better than presents byu/alanboston inMadeMeSmile

Helping her with her poses. byu/Two_Inches_Of_Fun inMadeMeSmile

Messi is literally the kindest man in the world byu/Sans010394 inMadeMeSmile

Darth GATOR byu/Stoikx inMadeMeSmile

Her first gaming setup😌 byu/Finn_Flame inMadeMeSmile

Great Grandmother reacts to Great Grand Daughter’s new furniture byu/galaxystars1 inMadeMeSmile

Comic from Cyanide & Happiness (generally unwholesome comedy, as a warning)

Teacher promised to make her class hot chocolate if she made this shot byu/alanboston inMadeMeSmile