Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Revitalize You (Mar 16)

The intro to Happy Days sings starts off naming the days of the week, but one thing that the song fails to mention is that Saturdays are for wholesome feels! At least, that’s the case here on IWSMT. Whether it’s been a busy and stressful week or a light and easy one, the weekend is here to…well…end the week! For most people, Saturdays are a day of rest and enjoyment. Whether you’re working or not, hopefully going through this list helps bring that rest and enjoyment! This wholesome meme list has wholesome videos, wholesome pets, wholesome relationships, and a general sense of feel-good energy to help pick you up! So get ready to waste your time with these wholesome memes and feel the good that’s out there!

The pause for dramatic effect byu/n8saces inMadeMeSmile

(Artist: LunarBaboon)

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Too sweet for words byu/OldAd4526 inMadeMeSmile

Gamer bro helped new kid get hist first win byu/i_am_groot_84 inMadeMeSmile

Lucky dad byu/Ok-Branch-9943 inMadeMeSmile

Posts from the mademesmile community on Reddit