Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Satisfy Your Inner Love (May 4)

Saturday has arrived and so has a fresh batch of wholesome content to warm up your soul! Whether it’s been a bumpy week or a smooth week, it’s time to move on and get ready for the next one. Hopefully this little care package of caring memes helps get you some rest and prep for the week ahead! With cute videos of cute dogs and funny dogs or men being good fathers, this week is full of wholesome stories and wholesome videos to capture your heart. So get ready to feel the love as you waste your time with these wholesome pics and wholesomeness in general!

Concrete jungle where dreams are cheese balls byu/myownpersonalreddit inMadeMeSmile

Indian Ringneck’s choreography in human steps byu/mapleer inMadeMeSmile

Daughter Gifts Father The Same Sports Car He Owned 40 Years Ago byu/CommercialBox4175 inMadeMeSmile

You can see it change gears byu/n8saces inMadeMeSmile

She has been chosen byu/Delicious-Let8429 inMadeMeSmile

Didn’t know you could do this byu/DoubleManufacturer28 inMadeMeSmile

Russell Westbrook being an all-star Dad byu/travelator inMadeMeSmile