Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Show There’s Joy in the World (Megadump!) (Jun 29)

Welcome to the last Saturday of the month, and the last wholesome meme dump of the month! I’m proud of you for making it through another month, and I’m really happy you’re here. Since you’re here anyways, you should sit back and relax with some good wholesome content ranging from wholesome dads, wholesome videos, and wholesome stories! If you’re feeling like giving back to the world, as always, there will be some form of act of kindness in the comment section, too! But whether you do it or not, I hope this wholesome meme list helps spread joy as you waste your time with these awesome wholesome memes!

All 15 of them surprised their grandparents with a sleepover, so much joy captured byu/mapleer inMadeMeSmile

British guy tries out Texas BBQ for the first time byu/snfssmc inMadeMeSmile

Dads byu/dittidot inMadeMeSmile

^ this is Sebastiäo Ribeiro Salgado, a Brazillian photojournalist. After returning from documenting the Rwandan genocide, he saw that much of the verdant greenery he knew of his home was gone. His wife suggested they undertake a rather ambitious project of reforesting the area. He agreed, and they’ve since restored 1,500 acres of the forest (2.7M trees), creating a home for 293 plant species, 172 bird species, and 33 other animal species, of which some are close to extinction.

She deserves a tip byu/No-Sprinkles-9201 inMadeMeSmile

Brothers being brothers (Tom and Sam De Koning in Australian Football League) byu/tamagotschi inMadeMeSmile

Man receives insane reaction from kids for his old talent. byu/InvestigatorFun8070 inMadeMeSmile

Age is just a number. byu/K1nd_1 inMadeMeSmile

This is beautiful. They have been missing another for years byu/IamASlut_soWhat inMadeMeSmile

When you truly love your job byu/jamaicanManz inMadeMeSmile

The exact moment a boy became a man byu/boogierboi inMadeMeSmile

A little Fulton Lee to start out your weekend 😊 byu/n8saces inMadeMeSmile

Wholesome byu/nking007 inMadeMeSmile

when your father is a skateboarder byu/bewarethechameleon inMadeMeSmile

How to check if your child is really sleeping byu/remixmaxs inMadeMeSmile

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Truly a beautiful human inside and out…we can learn from her byu/Sufficient-Bug-9112 inMadeMeSmile