Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Lighten your Spirits

It’s Saturday at noon (EST) which means it’s time for another weekly dose of wholesome memes to show you! We have animals being cute, adorable videos of love blossoming, and more! Get your tissue box ready because this week will make you cry — or maybe that was just me (I did actually cry as I was gathering these lol)! Once you have those at-hand, settle down for a great ride of happiness, joy, merriness, and warmth! Once again, not sure looking at this list is actually able to be considered wasting time, but have fun wasting time with these images and videos that will lighten your spirits!

The best day ever by u/King_Pee in MadeMeSmile

He got her dad’s permission to propose three days before he died by u/Bihema in MadeMeSmile

Insane transformation by u/King_Pee in MadeMeSmile

This wholesome surprise proposal during family night by u/Rollo_Tomasi3000 in MadeMeSmile