Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Shine Light on your Day (July 6)

It’s Saturday again, and that means more wholesome memes and wholesome content for you to enjoy! For those in America, I hope your 4th of July weekend is safe and well, and for those outside of America, same thing! The craziness of June is over for me, although I’m still dealing with some of it (especially the accidental financial fallout, oof), so there won’t be many meme lists this week still, and forum posts will still be less present too. But I should be back in ship-shape, soon, especially since this week’s wholesome meme list gave me some energy! So no matter how good or bad your week or weekend is, I hope you find some goodness in this week’s Wholesome memes!

Artist credit: https://x.com/WholesomeComics

she wants to show her babies!! byu/CG_17_LIFE inMadeMeSmile

Man shows how to interact with strangers easily byu/Overall_Agent_0075 inMadeMeSmile

When the crowd knows best. byu/mindyour inMadeMeSmile

That hug was just everything byu/Overall_Agent_0075 inMadeMeSmile

These babies trying out corrective glasses for the first time in their lives byu/PradipJayakumar inMadeMeSmile

Thank you, prince byu/copitamenstrual inMadeMeSmile

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