Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Show Life is Worth Cherishing (May 27)

It’s that time again for another weekly dose of wholesome! This week there’s more photos than normal, but they all carry the awesome wholesomeness you guys crave and deserve! From cute stories from families visiting (the above meme) to partners being awesome to their spouses, enjoy this deployment of endearment! (There are 3 reddit videos embedded in this post. If you can’t see them, it is on your end, and may be an extension you have, adblock, or something else! If you can’t get it to work, @Guy in the comments with your device information)

a young fan is escorted away by security after giving shaq a hug, after realising what happened shaq called him back over by u/bewarethechameleon in MadeMeSmile

Wait for it by u/Loud_Ad5882 in MadeMeSmile

I’m not going to lie. This video with this duck is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in my life. I love it so much.

This dad shows us what it means to be a loving & supportive parent by u/Rollo_Tomasi3000 in MadeMeSmile

Someone in the comments posted a quote that said “I don’t want to be my son’s first bully,” and man that is so simple yet so beautiful!