Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Enjoy Warmly

Saturday is here, and with it comes IWSMT’s weekly dose of wholesome content! From wholesome videos, wholesome pictures, and wholesome stories, this weekly drop is dedicated to making feel those good feelings! And luckily for you, this week’s edition is also bigger than normal, giving out even more good vibes! With the Holiday season approaching, it can be easy to not realize how much stress you’re feeling, so remember to take a moment for yourself and breathe! But I don’t wanna waste your time anymore, well, at least with my writing, since you have to waste your time with these good wholesome memes!

Stranger finds lost bag and returns it to the owner byu/Solo_Odyssey inMadeMeSmile

Daughter’s face changed when she saw sees her parents in the crowd byu/Bihema inMadeMeSmile

Dad reacts to daughter’s SAT score. byu/Two_Inches_Of_Fun inMadeMeSmile

She is an adoptee from India and can’t contain herself seeing her national food byu/Careful_Cup4484 inMadeMeSmile

pierce brosnan finds out his interviewer is from his hometown and gets emotional recounting old memories from his life there byu/bewarethechameleon inMadeMeSmile

Dad after getting custody of his Daughter 🥰 byu/Patient_Island_2080 inMadeMeSmile