Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Make your Soul Smile (Feb 10)

Saturday is here (in my timezone) and that means it’s wholesome time! This week’s list is full of moving and emotional wholesome videos, wholesome love, and just in general awesome wholesome memes! From the kindest and most heartwarming stories to loved ones being wholesomely silly, this list is bound to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even cry! So get your box of tissues ready (as those who knows these lists probably already have) and get ready for your eyes to water, as its time to waste some time with these wholesome memes!

He knew before everyone else byu/dittidot inMadeMeSmile

Surprising her with flowers on her birthday byu/Bihema inMadeMeSmile

Her fiancé steps in to take her little sister to the daddy daughter dance byu/Bihema inMadeMeSmile

Parents surprised their son and his best friend by going on the same cruise together. byu/Knight_TheRider inMadeMeSmile

The best big brother ever byu/uchman365 inMadeMeSmile

I hope his smile made you smile as well. byu/akashdas323 inMadeMeSmile

Simple pranks are the best byu/Fadisohail inMadeMeSmile

“One Another” byu/PresentationNo712 inMadeMeSmile