Weekly Dose of Wholesome Memes to Warm You

It’s that time again for your weekly dose of wholesome memes! If you love wholesome pictures or wholesome videos, then this is the place to be every Saturday after Noon EST! Last week, I totally failed on giving a weekly mission of a random act of kindness, so I guess the mission was “be patient with Guy since he was sick and really busy and totally missed the random act of kindness for the week”! This week we have some great feel-good moments, from cute family moments, adorable lines in entertainment, and wholesome stories all around! So get your tissue box ready for the feels as you waste your time with these awesome wholesome moments!

Who needs candy when there’s a kitty byu/Bihema inMadeMeSmile

Teachers (professors) are unsung heroes byu/paracosmicmind inMadeMeSmile

Giving roses to couples byu/paracosmicmind inMadeMeSmile

Anything he can do, I can do better byu/Rooonaldooo99 inMadeMeSmile

I’ve watched it at least 15 times. Best thing I’ve seen today. byu/screenshotofdispair inMadeMeSmile

Adorable couple getting free sideline passes byu/arnar111 inMadeMeSmile

The response reads:

“​​Thank you very much for your letter requesting permission to have a unicorn in your backyard. I am pleased to tell you that the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control does license unicorns under the following conditions:

  1. The Unicorn must be cared for in compliance with all animal caretaking regulations set forth in Los Angels County Code Title 10.
  2. The Unicorn is given regular access to sunlight, moonbeams, and rainbows.
  3. The Unicorn is fed one of its favorite treats – watermelon – at least once each week.
  4. The Unicorn’s horn must be maintained to be in good health. This requires polishing at least once a month with a soft cloth.
  5. Any sparkles or glitter used on the unicorn must be nontoxic and biodegradable to ensure the Unicorn’s good health.

It is always rewarding to hear from young people who thoughtfully consider the requirements of providing a loving home to animals. I commend your sense of responsible pet ownership to seek permission in advance to keep a unicorn in Los Angeles County.

Enclosed is a pre-approved unicorn license for when you can find one. In the meantime, because they are indeed very rare to find, we hope you will enjoy this enclosed unicorn with our compliments and appreciation for reaching out to our department.”