Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Brighten Your Day (May 6)

It’s that time again for your weekly dose of wholesomeness! Grab some tea, a blanket, and snuggle up to get cozy for these cute and heart-warming things! From kind stories to adorable videos, this week has some great cute things that will make you smile and happy. Hopefully your week has been good, and if it hasn’t, hopefully these help! You’re doing great, and everything will be okay <3 (Note: there are reddit video embeds that sometimes don’t show on devices. If you don’t see them, make sure to disable adblock! If that doesn’t work, @Guy in the comments and let them know your device information)

Students showing gratitude to teacher by u/Sufficient-Bug-9112 in wholesome

Don’t know if this has been posted before but this just made my day by u/ChiefDonkeys in wholesome

She slayed and the fact that he didn’t interrupted her and give an applause to her is adorable! Full credits to Youtube: 효크포크 Krazy girl by u/Emperor_Boya in wholesome