Weekly Dose of Wholesome to Brighten your Life (May 20)

It’s time for your weekly dose of wholesome videos and images! This week there are some cute stories and candid moments caught on camera. Everyone needs a bit of brightness dabbled into their life, regardless if things are going great or going less-than-great, which is why this is a weekly occurence! If you’re having trouble seeing all 10 items (5 images, 5 embedded reddit videos) try disabling any adblock extensions. If that doesn’t work, @Guy in the chat with your device details and a list of extensions you use on your browser!

A playful pup has stolen the show during a Premier Division football game. by u/esberat in MadeMeSmile

The truest form of a compliment by u/davidwallacecto in MadeMeSmile

4 years old vs. 5 years old by u/SinVerguenza04 in MadeMeSmile

These guys making everyone’s day by u/davidwallacecto in MadeMeSmile

The guy wanted to be a child again. by u/johnreese421 in wholesomememes